Top 3 keys to victory for Seattle Seahawks versus Arizona Cardinals in Week 7

The Seattle Seahawks (3-2) take on the Arizona Cardinals (1-5) at home in a division rivalry game
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The Seattle pass rush needs to blow Josh Dobbs up

Remember just a few weeks ago when the Seattle defense had 11 sacks against the New York Giants on Monday Night Football? If the Seahawks want to guarantee a victory they need to get after the Cardinals' quarterback Josh Dobbs the same way the lit-up Daniel Jones.

The Cardinals have done a pretty good job protecting the quarterback this season, allowing just 11 sacks this year. The Seahawks have 19 sacks this season, led by Jarran Reed and Boye Mafe with 3 each. On Sunday, these guys need to get after Dobbs and make his Sunday a horrible one. I predict Reed will come away with one sack, Mafe will have 2, and safety Jamal Adams will get a sack as well.

I cannot stress the importance of the Seattle pass rush in this game. With the team being very one-dimensional, the Cardinals will be trying to move the ball through the air. Dobb is not terrible, but he is a career backup/practice squad player. The fact that the Cards are rolling with Dobbs this season tells you 2 things. The first, they are not that good and they do not have anybody better. The second, they are tanking and are going to draft Caleb Williams. The Kyler Murray era is over.