4 underrated Seahawks players who could make a massive impact next season

These four players could help elevate Seattle into the postseason next year.

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Cornerback Michael Jackson

To be fair, both Jackson and Tre Brown get overlooked a bit. If there was an issue with the cornerback group in 2023, it certainly was not rookie Devon Witherspoon and Jackson was good again once he finally got the chance to start again. The problem was Riq Woolen who in his second season appeared to be afraid to tackle people (for most of the year) or set a hard edge against the run.

Jackson was a full-time starter in 2022 and he wasn't bad then either. The drawback for Jackson is that while he can play sticky coverage, he doesn't create many turnovers. Every coach loves it when their defense can get the ball back for the offense, but former head coach Pete Carroll liked that more than others. He would sometimes base his depth chart on who might create turnovers and who didn't.

Between Weeks 6 and 14, Jackson only had one game when he had more than 11 snaps. In four games, he received two or fewer snaps. But there was no real reason to stop playing Jackson, especially since the Seahawks had such an issue tackling people and Jackson is a good tackler. He only missed a tackle attempt in three different games. His three missed tackles in Week 17 against the Pittsburgh Steelers skewed his overall statistics, otherwise, Jackson would have missed only 6 percent of his attempts.

But Jackson deserves the chance to start in 2024. If he does, he will make a positive impact. While he didn't get an interception this past season, he also did not allow a touchdown.