4 underrated Seahawks players who could make a massive impact next season

These four players could help elevate Seattle into the postseason next year.
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Right tackle George Fant

As it turns out, the Seahawks knew what they were doing when Seattle signed college tight end George Fant in 2016 and turned him into an offensive tackle. He has developed into a good pass-blocker, but he isn't an awful run-blocker either. He's also mostly been a full-time starter for most of his career and not because he had to be but because he was worthy.

In two of his seven seasons, he has allowed 3 or fewer sacks. He is also capable of swinging from left tackle to right tackle without any drop-off in his efficiency. Fant also doesn't cost his team by getting a bunch of silly penalties which implies he is fairly technically sound. Since 2018, he has only had one year where he had more than 4 penalties.

The reason that Fant is so important to Seattle in 2024 (and is such an undervalued free agent signing) is that there is no guarantee that presumed starting right tackle Abraham Lucas can stay healthy enough to be counted on to be available for most games. Lucas is dealing with what Pete Carroll called a "chronic" knee injury last year. He missed most of the season and when he did return he had to be rotated out quite often.

Seattle adding Fant might mean they never expect Fant to be fully healthy. Fant was signed for two years so Seattle wants the security of having him around. For much of the season, 12s could see Charles Cross at left tackle and George Fant at right tackle. If so, Fant should be good enough to at least not have the team worry about how good the tackles are on the offensive line, just the rest of the line's ability.