4 underrated Seahawks players who could make a massive impact next season

These four players could help elevate Seattle into the postseason next year.
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Wide receiver Jake Bobo

Bobo was a happy surprise last training camp and preseason. Of course, he seemed humble and charismatic enough for fans to like him quite a bit, but he also overcame one important stigma. Many NFL teams thought Bobo was simply too slow to ever produce in the league. Sure, he had great size, but if he could never create space for a quarterback to throw him the ball, what difference would his size make?

But Bobo proved he could do a few things. One is that he ran routes crisply. He also had good hands and did not drop many passes. Plus, he knew how to use his size to shield defenders. The receiver might not be the fastest of players, but he is still a decent athlete.

He wasn't just a preseason wonder, however. Bobo did not get a lot of chances during the regular season (in fact, he likely got too few), but he usually made the best of what he did get. He caught 19 passes for 196 yards but two of his catches were for touchdowns and he only dropped one pass. He also ran for a touchdown. Bobo also showed he was a fantastic blocker and he was the second-highest-graded run-blocker in the NFL, according to Pro Football Focus (subscription required).

Bobo is not going to likely ever lead the Seahawks in receptions or receiving yards, but he very well could see an increase in his production. He proved capable of making catches under duress and should be an excellent fourth option for the team. The guess is that new offensive coordinator Ryan Grubb will figure out how to use Bobo better in the red zone as well.

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