3 veteran offensive line free agents who could still help the Seahawks in 2024

These players could be Week 1 starters.
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The Seattle Seahawks still need to address some roster concerns before the 2024 season begins. Perhaps the greatest area of concern is the offensive line. Seattle might be able to find help in the 2024 NFL draft, but they could also sign a free-agent guard to start in Week 1.

Seattle does only have $2,033,670 in cap room currently, last in the league. But there are ways of creating a bit more, enough to add a free-agent guard. For instance, the team could move some of Geno Smith or DK Metcalf's base salary into a signing bonus and that would move some of the money owed them into 2025.

If the Seahawks do choose to bring in a veteran offensive lineman, the three that follow could be decent options. None are without their flaws. But all three are better options than Seattle has at guard currently.

These veteran offensive linemen could help the Seattle Seahawks in 2024

Laken Tomlinson, left guard

The biggest worry about Tomlinson might be his age. He will be 32 years old during the 2024 season. That is not ancient, but it is getting a little long in the proverbial tooth for an interior offensive lineman. He is also arguably coming off of the worst season in his career by allowing 51 total pressures (12 higher than in any other year). But that could imply he will be better next season.

He also stays healthy and has not missed a game since 2017. Tomlinson is only two seasons removed from making the Pro Bowl as well. If the Seahawks sign him, they should expect to get a player who shows up every game and is a good pass-blocker. Based on his 2023 season and his age, he also should not be overly expensive.

Cody Whitehair, left guard

To be fair, Whitehair was not good this past season. In fact, it was easily his worst year, but since he was quite good before that, a team might safely assume his 2023 was a one-off bad season on a not-good Chicago Bears team. Perhaps the blocking scheme was atrocious in Chicago and that is a reason the offensive coaching staff changed after the season. That is just thinking positively, though.

Still, prior to 2023, the 31-year-old Whitehair had plus grades, according to Pro Football Focus (subscription required), in every other of his seven previous years. During his career, he has missed only seven games as well, so he likely will be available in every game. An offensive line has to be able to build cohesion and having the same five starters helps do that.

Dalton Risner, left guard

Why Risner has not been scooped up by some team yet is a mystery. He has been a fairly efficient guard in the league for several seasons. He certainly is not a bad player, nor is he one who is going to likely be overpaid. Risner is also clearly frustrated by not be getting offered a deal so far because he has already changed agents during the free agency period.

Maybe the issue is not Risner's agent but the player himself. But why? He was graded as the 46th-best guard in the league in 2023, according to Pro Football Focus. But he was quite good in terms of pass blocking. He also normally grades out around number 40 among guards. Again, not great but good enough to play.

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