When will the Seattle Seahawks 2024 NFL Schedule get released?

NFL teams seemingly know when the schedule will be released.
Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

There was some thought that the 2024 NFL schedule might be released this week. The second Thursday in May was the way the league had gone recently when announcing what weeks teams would play others, on which holidays, and so on. Fans of the Seattle Seahawks may have thought that May 10 might be the day they could plan their fall schedule but it was not to be.

According to the Sports Business Journal, however, the NFL has sent a memo to all teams (in all honesty, do businesses still send "memos"?) and let them know the date of the schedule release. In years past, the NFL has given fans a three-day notice ahead of the planned release so that football fans can warn family and friends that they will be watching TV in three days.

The "memo" the NFL sent reportedly lets teams know that on Wednesday, May 15, the 2024 schedule will be unleashed upon them. This would mark the latest release since 1990. What the league was waiting for is anyone's guess, however. Maybe they had computer glitches.

Seattle Seahawks fans now seemingly know the date of the 2024 NFL schedule release

So far there have been no leaks as far as when or where the Seahawks will be playing. Other teams know some of their schedule. For instance, the Green Bay Packers and Philadelphia Eagles will be beginning their seasons in Brazil on Friday, September 6. This will be one day after the regular season kicks off with a Thursday Night Football game.

The season-opener will feature the Super Bowl champion Chiefs playing in Kansas City. Fans do not yet know who KC's opponent will be, though. The league usually does not like having intra-division games first so the Chiefs' opponent probably won't be a team from the AFC West.

There could be a chance that the Seahawks play on Christmas. For the first time in league history, the NFL will have a Christmas Day doubleheader. What makes this odd is that Christmas falls on a Wednesday in 2024 so four teams are going to be screwed late in the year.

The schedule release will be shown on the NFL Network at 5 pm PT (8 pm ET for East Coast 12s). Again, the league has not confirmed that Wednesday, May 15 is the schedule release date, but that is best-confirmed rumor, if there can be such a thing, we know.

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