Some non-Seahawks fans clearly think John Schneider is an idiot

John Schneider knows exactly what he is doing.
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Most NFL fans don't pay attention to the Seattle Seahawks. It's fine. Whatever. Seattle is hanging out in the Pacific Northwest minding its own business while the elites are busy on the East Coast or Southern California. We aren't mad.

That is unless sites of other teams, and the fans of those teams, keep discussing on social media about the potential of stealing one of Seattle's best players. A lot of that talk surrounds receiver DK Metcalf, and much of that discussion comes from Pittsburgh Steelers fans. Here is the thing, towel heads (or whatever those people call themselves). Metcalf is not leaving Seattle.

One site in particular, Steelers Depot, seems to have a stream going with where Seattle stands against the salary cap as if to imply the Seahawks might actually have to release Metcalf because they can no longer afford the receiver prior to the 2024 season. This is beyond ridiculous. What makes the whole Steelers Depot desperation for Metcalf even sadder for them is that fans who respond act as if there is a foregone conclusion that Metcal will be waived.

Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider is not losing sleep over the salary cap

Sadly, some people will believe anything. Of course, the whole issue implies that Steelers fans, and other fans around the league keeping an eye on Metcalf and the Seahawks' salary cap situation, think general manager John Schneider is an idiot. This is the same Schneider who has never had a problem being under the cap and has helped lead Seattle to the playoffs in 10 of the last 14 seasons.

Schneider not only understands exactly what he is doing but based on his track record is one of the better GMs in the league. Also, Metcalf is not going to be released, or traded, and is going to remain in Seattle.

Many general football fans seem to believe the salary cap is a hard cap, but in reality, it isn't. The cap is malleable and assuming a team is firmly in one spot is folly. Seattle can easily make millions of dollars in cap space by re-working the deals of Jon Rhattigan or moving some of Geno Smith or, yes, Metcalf's base salary into a signing bonus. Plus, rosters are currently bloated and once Seattle trims the roster to 53 for the 2024 season, the team will likely be well under the salary cap.

Do some Steelers fans wake up, rub their hands together, and think, "Where is Seattle's cap space now? It's only a matter of time until we get DK Metcalf!"?

Don't make yourself so sad, NFL fans. DK Metcalf is not coming to your town. The only way he does is to catch a touchdown pass or three in a Seahawks uniform while he is dunking on your favorite team. And yes, John Schneider is completely aware of where the Seahawks are in terms of cap space and is likely not losing any sleep over this issue.

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