Head and the heart: Why Russell Wilson coming back to Seahawks makes zero sense

Russell Wilson is very likely on his way out in Denver but should not end up in Seattle.
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Sean Payton simply wants Russell Wilson gone

Sean Payton took over as head coach in Denver and immediately made clear who was in charge: Payton. Wilson would play the way Payton wanted or Wilson would not play. Wilson's own office with the Broncos? Gone. And soon, so will Wilson.

Denver is benching Wilson for the last two games of this season. They appear almost certain of eating the $85 million in dead cap that the team has because of signing Wilson to an extension before Payton came to the organization. Payton wants Wilson gone so bad, he doesn't care how much money it cost.

Russell Wilson will need a new home this coming offseason most likely. But while there have been a bunch of unofficial polls posted on social media about whether the Seahawks should bring Wilson back to Seattle, and in some polls almost 25 percent of 12s say Seattle should, the most logical, non-emotional, answer is "no." Seattle should not bring back Wilson.

One is that Wilson will be 36 years old in 2024 and if Seattle is going to make a change from Geno Smith, the change needs to be to a younger quarterback who can hopefully be the franchise quarterback for the foreseeable future. At least 8 years or so, one would hope. That means drafting a quarterback. Many 12s already comment about Geno Smith simply being a bridge to Seattle's next long-term quarterback, but so would Wilson.