Why the Seattle Seahawks won the trade deadline over divisional rival

Both teams in contention for the NFC West made a major move before the trade deadline. Here is why the Seattle Seahawks won it over their divisional rival.

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As we enter the second half of the season, it's becoming more apparent whose contenders, and whose pretenders. For those doubting the first-place 5-2 Seattle Seahawks, they've made it abundantly clear they are all-in for this season by acquiring DL Leonard Williams from the New York Giants.

Divisional rival, the San Francisco 49ers, who many believe have one of the best rosters in the NFC, also made a big splash prior to the trade deadline. A team that is known for their pass rush acquired DE Chase Young from the Washington Commanders for a 3rd round pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

While San Francisco has been struggling defensively this year, especially in their 3-game losing streak, they feel the addition of Chase Young will unleash this pass rush. Seattle, a team that is top 5 in sacks, beefed up their defensive line with versatile Leonard Williams, who can play both inside and out. With both games between Seattle and San Francisco happening in a three week span, there is no doubt that the stretch of the season will determine who walks away on top of the West.

Why the Seattle Seahawks won the NFL Trade Deadline

To be honest, I don't think either trade sets each team farther apart from the other. Eight weeks into the season, I think both teams have questions surrounding their quarterback play as of late. But, overall, feel pretty confident about how far of a run they can make come January.

However, many are banging on Seattle for the price paid in exchange for Leonard Williams in comparison to what San Francisco gave up to get Chase Young. Quite frankly, I get the criticism on the surface. Why pay more for an older player who doesn't have as much upside as Chase Young?

Well, the answer to that question carries more complexities than one would think. When examining each roster and the price paid, it becomes clearer that the Seahawks actually won the trade deadline over the 49ers.