Winners and losers from Seattle Seahawks stunning Week 15 victory vs. Eagles

Seattle still has a very real chance to make the playoffs.
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Winner No. 3 - Safety Julian Love

Julian Love has not had the best of seasons overall, but he absolutely exploded just when Seattle had to have a victory in Week 15. It likely helped that the Seahawks did not have safety Jamal Adams on the field gumming up the works and this allowed Love to be a bit more free in coverage and assignments. Without Adams, the Seahawks safety duo of Quandre Diggs and Love looked better than they have all year.

Love was targeted on passes 4 times during the game and 2 of those went for completions. But they also only went for 20 yards with only one of those yards being after the catch. But Love also had 2 interceptions, one sealing the game for Seattle in the closing seconds. The other was in singe coverage deep in the middle of the field where he created a turnover and took a touchdown away from Philadelphia.

Was there some contact and grabbing on the play? Sure. But as the officials could clearly see what was happening, and they decided not to call a penalty that should tell you Love was simply great in the coverage. As we all know, the NFL loves to help out the offense (and take things away from Seattle), but that didn't happen on the play.

Now Seattle just needs to do a few things. One is to keep Jamal Adams on the bench. Another is to hope that Love keeps playing in coverage as he did against Philadelphia. And the other is just to keep winning.

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