4 winners and losers (hint, mostly losers) from Seattle Seahawks Week 12 loss

  • The head coach did not have his team prepared
  • A surprisingly player stood out
  • A position group could be more productive

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Noah Fant
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Loser No. 3 - Seattle's tight ends

I think the Seahawks are foolish not to use their tight ends more, and the focus on getting the ball even more to DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett has greatly hurt the efficiency of the offense. Through the first four games, Geno Smith targeted his tight ends about 7 times per game, and that has fallen to just 5 times since. Tight ends Noah Fant, Will Dissly, and Colby Parkinson have proven capable of catching most passes thrown their way. Plus, Fant and Parkinson are pretty nimble after they have the ball in their hands.

Against the 49ers, Fant, Dissly, and Parkinson were targeted only 4 times. Metcalf had more than twice that many targets by himself. Zach Charbonnet was the checkdown option many times, but his number of targets equaled the combined number for the tight ends. A good tight end can affect the outcome of a game, obviously, and Fant would be a very good option in an offense that knew how to use him.

Fant and Parkinson are both free agents after this season. If were either one of them, I certainly wouldn't come back to the Seahawks (unless they just rightfully love the city of Seattle) as the way the offense is schemed currently is hurting their potential income. It is hard to sell yourself to another team if you are not getting the ball much.

Seattle's offense is greatly struggling, especially in the red zone. There need to be a number of fixes. But getting the ball to the tight ends more would certainly help.

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