4 winners and losers from the Seattle Seahawks Week 3 victory over the Panthers

Seattle moved to 2-1 with a Week 3 victory over the Panthers and here are some notable bits for the Seahawks.
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Loser No. 1 - Safety Quandre Diggs

Quandre Diggs has been fantastic overall since he was traded to Seattle midway through the 2019 season. 17 interceptions in 58 games for Seattle along with being voted one of the captains of the team prove Diggs has had an excellent impact on the team. But the last three years Diggs has started a little slowly. Last year the reason was that Diggs was still coming back from an injury late in 2021, but there is no such excuse this season.

So far in 2023, however, Diggs has been, well...bad. According to Pro Football Focus (subscription required), Diggs is the lowest-graded safety in the NFL through the first three games. (Also, fellow Seahawk safety/slot corner Coby Bryant is the second-worst graded.) Except for Bryant, Diggs is far behind all the other graded safeties. His grade is 33.4 and Broncos safety Delarrin Turner-Yell is 83rd at 44.1.

In Week 3, Diggs allowed both of his passing targets to be completed for 70 yards. That's atrocious. Diggs also was only credited with 3 tackles and missed on another. Missed tackles really cost Seattle in 2022 and while the problem has been slightly better in 2023, Diggs has been worse compared to how he has played in his previous four years.

Diggs has 7 solo tackles and has assisted on 3 others in 2023, but he has been credited with 5 missed tackles. Missing 33 percent of one's tackle attempts would move most players to the bench. That isn't going to happen with Diggs because he is better than he has shown so far this year. But moving forward, Seattle needs normal Quandre Diggs and not 2023 Quandre Diggs.