4 winners and losers from Seattle Seahawks wicked loss to Cowboys in Week 13

  • QB1 is good and so is WR1
  • Special teams lets the team down
  • The DC is struggling

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Winner No. 2 - Receiver DK Metcalf

Maybe the Cowboys were just a bit overconfident coming into the game against the Seahawks after watching a lot of game film where Seattle's offense was not able to accomplish much of anything. Plus, coming into the game, Metcalf had caught just 43 of his 80 targets and had just 3 touchdowns. Did he not care about doing well or was he not a good enough route-runner to beat defensive backs or was he simply limited in that routes designed for him?

Whatever was going on changed in Week 13. Metcalf had his best game of the season with 6 catches on 8 targets for 134 yards and 3 touchdowns. He did have a drop on a slant pass that was well-thrown and might have gone for a lot of yards, but making the argument that Metcalf did not have a good game because of that one play would be false.

On Seattle's first drive, Metcalf caught the 73-yard pass I referenced earlier in the Geno Smith section. The play looked so simple and so successful that one might wonder how we do not see that kind of thing more often. Possibly the Cowboys just were playing man and the safety wasn't playing deep enough while other teams play a man over the top against Metcalf.

On the play, Metcalf reached 22 MPH and that is, well...fast. He also had another explosive play down the sidelines on a beautiful pass from Smith. On one of his touchdown receptions he ran a perfect route and caused two Cowboys to collide into one another and on the other Metcalf simply used his size to be a big target for Smith. Seattle needs a lot more games like this from Metcalf for the rest of the season.