4 winners and losers from Seattle Seahawks wicked loss to Cowboys in Week 13

  • QB1 is good and so is WR1
  • Special teams lets the team down
  • The DC is struggling

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Loser No. 2 - Kicker Jason Myers

For several years Jason Myers appeared to fix a kicker problem in Seattle. In 2017 and 2018, Seattle trotted Blair Walsh and Sebastian Janikowski onto the field to try to make field goals and there was never an easy feeling with that. Myers was pretty good in 2019 when he made 23 of his 28 kicks, and then he was fantastic in 2020 as he made all 24 of his attempts. This would start a trend where Myers was very good every other season.

Myers missed six kicks in 2021, but then he made the Pro Bowl last year after making 34 of 37 kicks and going 6 for 6 on kicks of 50 yards or longer. It only makes sense that Myers would not be as good in 2023, right? The problem is he has been so inconsistent.

In his first two games, Myers was just 3 of 6 field goal tries, but twice he has made all five of his field goal attempts during a game. He also made 15 straight field goals at one point. In his last three games, Myers is 5 of 8 on kicks.

Some of the reason he has tied a career-high with seven missed kicks this year is that Seahawks are using him from beyond 50 yards more than ever as he has already attempted eight field goals beyond 50. But in Week 13, Myers missed a 42-yard field goal in the first half that affected what Seattle needed to do in a close game in the fourth quarter. A kicker missing a kick beyond 50 yards is understandable, but NFL kickers should not miss from 42 yards.

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