3 worst contracts on the Seahawks' payroll ahead of free agency

These contracts are extremely problematic for Seattle.

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One of the more exciting periods of the NFL offseason will occur next week. That is when free agency begins. In 2023, the Seattle Seahawks were unexpectedly aggressive and signed players such as Dre'Mont Jones early. General manager John Schneider could revert back to waiting to sign players after a couple of days this offseason.

The fun part, though, is that 12s do not know what Schneider will do. He has never had the freedom of having the final say in roster moves before this year. He still cannot overspend, but the kind of players Seattle signs might be different.

Some current contracts hamstring what Schneider might want to do, though. Three of the worst follow. There is a very real chance at least one of these players will be released before free agency begins.

These are the most problematic financial commitments on the Seahawks' books heading into the offseason

Fullback/linebacker/special teamer Nick Bellore

I am a huge fan of Nick Bellore so I should let that be known. There is no more team player, well…maybe ever. He does anything the team might ask him to do, seemingly without question and to the best of his ability. This is one reason he is commonly voted as a team captain.

But while he is a great voice to have in the locker room and good at special teams he is - and I say this without emotion because emotionally I would argue Bellore is worth more than could ever be paid to him - overpaid. This is probably because Seattle knows his value as a teammate as much as on-field production.

Because what Bellore does is difficult to measure. But his salary is measured in dollars and cents and his cap hit in 2024 is $4 million and that is too high normally in relation to Bellore's productivity. Seattle has released him before (2020) and then re-signed him so that could be an option once again this offseason.