5 worst free agent signings under Seattle Seahawks GM John Schneider

These five (or six?) free agents did not work out.
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John Schneider has worked with the Seattle Seahawks since 2010. He has been the general manager for that entire time, but he recently was promoted to President of Football Operations. While Seattle has not been great over the last several years, the overall success since 2010 has been better than most other NFL teams.

Seattle's early success was built through draft gems such as Richard Sherman, Russell Wilson, and Kam Chancellor. The team also got lucky with undrafted free agents Michael Bennett and Doug Baldwin. Schneider also pulled off a couple of wily trades.

But with 2024 free agency approaching, let's take a look at some of Schneider's worst signings. Unfortunately, there are a number more not on this list. Still, let's leave it at five (with a bonus thrown in as well) and hope this year's class of signees are all winners.

Five worst free agent signings by the Seattle Seahawks under general manager John Schneider

No. 5 - Tight end Greg Olsen (2020)

Olsen is number five on this list as much for what he did after he left the Seahawks as he did with the team. To be sure, however, Olsen stole Seattle's money. Maybe that was not completely his fault because, by the time he signed in 2020, he was washed up. In fact, he never played in the NFL again. Not because he did not want to, probably, but because no team wanted to throw money at him.

Between 2008 and 2016, Olsen stayed healthy and productive for the Chicago Bears and then the Carolina Panthers. He went to three Pro Bowls in that time. But in 2017, injuries began to set in and he never played another full season. Seattle gave Olsen a one-year deal for $7 million but $5.5 million was guaranteed. Olsen turned that money into just 24 catches (with a catch rate of only 64.9 percent which is low for a tight end), 239 yards, and just one touchdown. He played in 11 games.

Yet after leaving and eventually retiring after the season, Olsen decided to throw shade at the Seahawks. In 2022, he said he felt like he was playing with a JV roster offensively with Seattle. Of course, if Olsen is correct (and he isn't) then he would have been one of the worst JV players. Instead, he simply became a talking head during NFL games who thinks he needs to say ridiculous things to make a name for himself because he is not a good enough commentator to earn real respect.