January 28, 2012; Mobile, AL, USA; North Squad quarterback Russell Wilson (16) looks to throw a pass during the Senior Bowl at Ladd-Peebles Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-US PRESSWIRE

Seahawks Take Chance On QB Russell Wilson

If Russell Wilson was 6 inches taller, he’d have been the 2nd or 3rd overall pick. The problem is that he isn’t 6 inches taller. He a QB who’s only 5 ft 10 inches tall. No QB under 6 ft has ever had an impact in the NFL, so I really don’t get this pick at all.

Russell Wilson is an interesting player because of his skills, but because of his height I doubt he ever starts a game at QB. I really hope some other team, ANY other team, would have made this pick. There’s a chance that Wilson will actually be able to do what no other player in the history was able to do, but why is it that the Seahawks have to be the ones rolling the dice on that?

Another problem is that the Seahawk already had 3 QBs on the roster. Flynn is going to be the starter. Wilson now must battle with Jackson for the backup spot. He’ll likely lose since Jackson could step in an play right away if Flynn gets hurt. That means the Seahawks just spend a 3rd round pick on a 3rd string player who wont see the field.

That isn’t how you get better. it isn’t. 3rd round picks should be starters. this is the round you get your starting guards and middle linebackers and running backs. There’s no reason to take a QB with no upside.

Clearly I’m not a fan of this pick at all. I just don’t understand the thinking that would lead to this pick. Earlier this year Pete Carroll told John Clayton that Josh Portis had improved to the point where he’d be a 3rd or 4th round pick in this year’s draft. Doesn’t it make more sense to see if he can continue to improve and possible grow into becoming a starter. Right now he seems like the most likely player to lose his job.

In Wilson’s favor, I should add that he did play behind Wisconsin’s mammoth offensive line and didn’t have any troubles. He’s got an unorthodox throwing motion and long arms for his size that allows him to throw the ball at from a height that is above what taller QB tend to release the ball at. Combining those 2 things, and perhaps Wilson really can overcome his height and play in this league.

I just don’t think the Seahawks were in a position where the needed to roll the dice on Wilson.

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  • Hawk_Eye

    Keith, I totally agree with you. I hate the pick. Did you happen to see the Bill Parcels Show on ESPN the other day about drafting NFL quarterbacks? He said studies have been done over time on superbowl winning quarterbacks. The so called NFL prototypes. He had a list of 9 qualities. One was height and he said they need to be 6’2″ or over. He even stated that you would think just a couple of inches wouldn’t matter, but it does, it is huge when it comes to seeing the field over the average NFL offensive lineman. So now what QB are we going to get rid of? Do we trade Tarvaris Jackson for a low round draft choice?

  • Keith_12thMR

     @Hawk_Eye I bet it’s Portis that goes, and that Wilson is the 3rd stringer. Hate that a 3rd round pick was made for a guy who wont even be active on gamedays.

  • Hawk_Eye

     @Keith_12thMR I hope not.  Ron Jaworski said on Brock and Saulk Show that he thought Portis had more upside than any of the Seahawk quarterbacks. I guess well find out later.

  • Pedrohawk

    I’m so conflicted about the pick, I need more time to think… I had to watch the draft recorded while I went for a run and I’m in no position to put an article up on Wilson right now because well like I said I’m stunned. But Wilson was my favorite quarterback out of all of them (obviously i’m excluding RG3 and Luck), but gut feeling is I kind of love this a little and I kind of hate it. Look, let’s put it this way… Wilson is a freaking stud, maybe not in the NFL…. maybe. But seriously this has some crazy implications possibly, oh sh*t I just don’t know! They love Portis, I mean they must. I mean I love Portis, but Wilson is a freaking winner and he is a West Coast offense stud. Well, wait for tomorrow, I’ll have more, but I will say I love Russel Wilson, maybe not the pick, but it’s impossible not to love Wilson and Doug Flutie and Drew Brees are short. Let’s put it this way, Flutie is 5’10 and Drew Brees is 6’0, so…. Do we really think when an offensive line goes to put there hands up and try to block Brees 2 inches really makes the difference for him? Seriously though, I mean those guys are monsters, I doubt two inches really matters and Wilson is just the right type of mobile and our offensive scheme loves to roll out anyways. I mean come on, you gotta hate this, but also love it on some level. More tomorrow I promise.

  • Pedrohawk

    By monsters I meant offensive linemen not the quarterbacks haha

  • johhnystop