Coach Carroll Answers More Questions Via Twitter


Last May, Pete Carroll fielded questions from his followers on Twitter. Yesterday, he did the same.

"Who’s got questions? How bout some football questions?"

If you have a Twitter account, be sure to follow Carroll; at the very least, he is quite entertaining. Opportunities to ask the coach questions have been random and rare, but a few fortunate followers received answers.

Here is a dialogue of yesterday’s question and answer session:

"@drewbenz: How about a prediction for my UW Huskies this season?@PeteCarroll: They should be in the running to win the conference@D_LeMoyne: who do you think will win the RB position?@PeteCarroll: Can’t call it now… Leon, julius & justin are all in it@jpbreunig: What are your thoughts on an 18 game regular season?@PeteCarroll: I like it. I think 2 preseason games are enough@ramistheman: How’s Leon Washington coming along after his injury?@PeteCarroll: He’s coming back strong & should be practicing in camp@thejohnprice: thoughts on Deon Butler and how he’s progressing this offseason?@PeteCarroll: One of the most improved players on the team this spring@sean2m: Who’s the Pac-10 favorite this season?@PeteCarroll: The Trojans@JUNEBUG_75: what is your goal 4 seahawks this year? improve? SB? playoffs?@PeteCarroll: We’re aiming to be NFC west champions & go from there@ianckamp: Do you prefer college OT or Pro?@PeteCarroll: Pro OT – its an extension of a normal game@AdamBishop1488: is Hasselbeck looking healthy this year?@PeteCarroll: He had the best offseason of his career… He’s ready to go@IdahoSeahawkFan: How is the OL looking so far?@PeteCarroll: Made great progress. Spencer’s grown at C, b. hamilton’s awesome & okung’s making strides@Awesome_Manda: Are you ready to experience the power of the 12th man?@PeteCarroll: More than ready… 1st game can’t come soon enough!@football4troops: What game do you have circled on the calender?@PeteCarroll: Sept. 12 vs. SF 49ers… Game 1, the only one that we’re focusing on"

It will be interesting to see if Pete Carroll can find success in the National Football League. Either way, it should continue to be an interesting experiment for Seahawks fans.

Don’t forget to follow Pete Carroll on Twitter. If you’re desperate to talk Seahawks football and Carroll isn’t answering, feel free to hit up my Twitter account, @12thManRising.

Shaun Dolence:
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