Seahawks Fandamonium: 10 Reasons ‘Hawks Fans Hate the Steelers

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Am I the only one that became a huge Green Bay Packers fan last Super Bowl? I am convinced that I am not the only one, so I have made a list of 10 reasons why Hawk fans hate the Steelers. This way we won’t forget why during this long “off-season” with no “on-season” in sight.

10. Super Bowl 40 – Duh.  This won’t be the last time I bring up this game. Steeler fans are very defensive about their Super Bowl XL “victory”. I don’t believe the Steelers players, fans or organization did anything wrong. They came to play and they did. But why do Steelers fans refuse to acknowledge some of the peculiar aspects of this Super Bowl. No one is asking you to turn over the trophy, but refusing to recognize some of the unique realities of Super Bowl XL just makes you unlikable.

9. The Terrible Towel – This is stupid. Am I supposed to be scared by a piece of cloth best used after showering? This should be called “The Terribly Stupid Towel”. If this were a good idea you would see copy cats around the league like “Seattle’s Scary Sponge” or “Denver’s Dirty Diaper”. But we don’t see copy cats and that’s because it is stupid. Actually, in their defense, when you think of a stadium full of people waving towels and screaming like crazy people, it does sound kind of…terrible.

8. Super Bowl 40 – Rioting in the streets after they won. It’s one thing to win like that, it’s another to act like drunken college students and riot in the streets (which apparently was done by drunk college students). It’s further proof that Pittsburgh is a dangerous and unworthy place. I heard that the riots were actually started by Ben Roethlisberger, Bill Cowher and Osama Bin Laden.