Seahawks Fandamonium: 10 Reasons ‘Hawks Fans Hate the Steelers

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7. Super Bowl 40 – We’re not the only ones that saw it so stop calling us crazy. Some national writers and even the announcers during the game noticed questionable calls. An ESPN poll (non-scientific) showed that a majority of people (who took the poll) thought the game was affected by bad calls. ESPN polls aren’t only posted in Seattle, are they?

6. Troy Polamalu – He is too good to be human and I demand to see his birth certificate. He appears to be the first “person” to bridge physical laws and quantum physics by constantly being in two places at once. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him rush the QB, intercept the rushed throw 40 yards down field, and then block for himself as he runs for a touchdown and then cheer for himself in the stands. Worst of all, he doesn’t say or do stupid things that allow us to hate him…which in itself, may be a reason to hate him. We should all be concerned about this “man” and his powers. I believe that he has been sent back from the future to kill John Connor… you have all been warned.

5. Super XL – The Stealers – The pun factor. Is it just coincidence that the team that stole Super Bowl 40 from the Hawks has the word “steel” in it…or should I say “steal”? I don’t trust a name that so easily lends itself to puns that explain how they won Super Bowl XL.

4. Super Bowl 43 – We were forced to root for the Cardinals and it was a big freaking reminder of Super Bowl 40. Two weeks of how weak the NFC West is and how the Cards had no real chance at winning. Then the game ends on a missed call and a questionable one: Antonio Holmes used the ball as a prop in his game-winning TD catch celebration (totally amazing catch if you missed it) which should be an automatic 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct assessed on the kick-off and then the un-reviewed “fumble” that ended the game. Did the Cards get robbed like the Hawks? No, not really, but we noticed those calls nonetheless. And worse of all, our deep hatred of the Steelers forced us to root for a division rival, which is totally unforgivable.

3. Super Bowl 40 – The stats don’t lie. It’s the first and only time in the history of the universe that the team with less yards, less time of possession, less first downs and more turnovers won the Super Bowl. Wow, the Steelers really were the better team and we really are crazy.

2. Ben Roethlisberger – What’s not to hate? He’s just an unlikeable guy. Whether it’s accusations of sexual assault or him scaring an old woman by driving his motorcycle through her windshield, he’s just not a guy you want to root for. I once asked a very popular former Seahawk (who will remain un-named) why he rooted for the Cardinals in Super Bowl 43 and he said that he had friends on the Steelers who said that Roethlisberger is a “lazy prima donna”.. Having a beloved defensive player tell me that Roethlisberger is a “lazy prima donna” made that day my 3rd best day of my life (1st being my wedding day, 2nd being the day Natalie Portman decided to play a stripper in “Closer”). Players don’t even like him. Teammates don’t even like him. Point is we don’t like him or the team he plays for.

1. Super Bowl 40 – Don’t take my word for it. Bill Leavy, the head referee of Super Bowl 40 apologized for blown calls that “impacted the game” and that left him “with a lot of sleepless nights”. Steeler fans just choose to ignore this. No one even asked him about it, he just volunteered his apology five years after the game. So of course us fans are still frustrated about the game…heck, the head referee is still frustrated about it. But Steelers fans don’t worry, Bill Leavy is just a crazy hippie Seattleite who doesn’t know football or its rules and just doesn’t know when to accept Steeler awesomeness. I bet Bill Leavy will like this article.