David Garrard Cut In Jacksonville, Is He A Fit In Seattle?


The Jacksonville Jaguars just cut their starting Quarterback. While David Garrard might not be a pro-bowel caliber QB, he’s not awful either. He’s going to get plenty of offers to choose from then he’s deciding on his next home, but is Seattle going to be among his choices?

At this point I’d have to say I’d be extremely surprised if he ends up here. While he’s probably a talent upgrade over Whitehurst or Jackson, he doesn’t have any knowledge of the offense. Even if he was signed today, It would be probably 4 weeks before the coaching staff would be comfortable with him even being the backup. Has he been available at the start of camp instead of now, things might be different. I just don’t see it happening.

I have to admit though that I’m interested to see where David Garrard ends up. There are plenty of options, but there are 3 teams in particular that are good fits and going to be hard for Garrard to pass up if an offer comes in.

  • San Francisco – All they have is a fragile (and mostly ineffective) Alex Smith and a pair of very raw and ill-prepared rookies. Garrard would make excellent insurance for when (notice I didn’t say if) they need someone other than Smith under center.
  • Miami – Clearly they don’t believe in their quarterbacks or they wouldn’t have spent so much energy trying to pry Kyle Orton away from the Broncos. For the Dolphins, Garrard could come in and learn their system, and challenge for the starting job in a weeks. If he succeeds, the prospect of a long term starting job might be all that is required to make Garrard a Dolphin.
  • Baltimore – Joe Flacco needs a backup. Baltimore is a good team that looks ready to make a run deep into the playoffs. After being on a bad Jacksonville team his entire career would make a playoff bound team like the Ravens awfully enticing.

Where else could you see him going?