Seahawks – Niners: 5 Matchups to Watch


Looking forward to today’s game between the Seahawks and the 49ers, there were a bunch of individual matchups that really stood as important toward ultimately determining the result of this game. Oddly, 4 of top 5 includes Seattle’s defense.

1) Aaron Curry vs. Vernon Davis

This matchup will likely determine if the 49ers can run outside to the strong side. If Curry can do his thing and set the edge, you wont see Frank Gore getting to the outside with much success.

2) Brandon Mebane vs. Mike Lupati

Mebane has been moved from the 3-technique tackle spot to NT this season. Mebane must prove he can be the stout immovable force inside, eat up blocks inside, and keep the Lupati and company from getting up field to block the linebacker.

3) K.J. Wright vs. Frank Gore

There’s no question that Gore is the key to the SF offense in this game. The Seahawks need Wright be a tackling machine. Any missed tackles will likely lead to a very long day. Normally this would be Hawthorne’s job, but with his ankle injury I don’t expect him to see much action today.

4) Earl Thomas vs. Alex Smith

Alex Smith is a very streaky QB who throws interceptions in bunches. Thomas is a scary fast ball hawk of a FS. A couple of interceptions by Thomas will go a long way to getting the Seahawks a win today.

5) Max Unger and Seattle’s O-line vs Justin Smith and the 49er D-Line

The Seahawks have the RBs and WRs to have a pretty good offense, but that isn’t enough. Those RB needs lanes to run through, and the WR need someone to throw them the ball. QB Tarvaris Jackson remains the team’s biggest question mark, he must be given plenty of time so that way he can have some success.