Seahawks Week 1 Game Thread


Due to the live/running nature of Game Threads, you’ll want to read from the bottom up. There wont be as many updates in the 2nd half. I’ve got a few things to do around the house.

GAMES GOES FINAL Seahawks Lose 17 – 33

I’ll be back with my post game notes in a little bit. This game was much closer than the score indicated. 2 late returns for TB by Ginn Jr. are what Won this game for SF.

TOUCHDOWNS Seahawks 17 -26 Niners

But catch and run by Baldwin followed by a Ted Ginn Jr. Kickoff return for a TD. Just when it looked like Seattle had a chance to pull this out, the special teams gives the game away.Very disappointing.

End of the Third

Good quarter for the Hawks. Unless the upcoming FG is missed, they will have cut the lead down to 6 points. Offense looked much better in all aspects of the game. Defense continued to look very good.

2:05 3rd – The running game is starting to find it’s legs. Nothing spectacular, but enough to take a bit of the pressure off Jackson. getting Forsett on a swing pass helps too. The 49er defense is really back on their heals right now.

Touchdown! – Seahawks 7 – 16 Niners

Very impressive drive lead by Jackson and the Passing game. They’re finally opening up the playbook a bit and forcing the 49ers to defend more than the first 5 yards beyond the line of scrimmage. That’s just what they needed to do.


Defense has played well, but there’s been very little to like from the Seahawks’ offense and special teams.

Touchdown – Seahawks 0 – 16 Niners

Defense is looking tired after being on the field fro what feels like the entire half. This game is getting ugly.

Field Goal – Seahawks 0 – 9 Niners

49ers get an absolute gift on 4th and 1 getting an encroachment penalty when the TE moved 2 steps before the seahawk moved. Horrible call. Defense holds anyways, but still.

9:18 2nd – Bad choice to run the ball out of the endzone. Drive starts on the 16. This is not a good trend. 2 more poor runs and then a false start setting up yet another 3rd and long deep in their own territory. Not a good series by the Seahawks offense.

Field Goal – Seahawks 0 – 6 Niners

11:22 2nd –  Another 3 and out for the Seahawks defense. Very good stop to force a field goal attempt. Offense has to do something to not waste this defensive effort.

12:19 2nd – Penatly on the kickoff means the Seahawks start inside the 15 again. This is going to be a really long game if they can’t figure out this field position thing. Run for a loss, then a pass for 2 yards leads to another 3rd and long. This isn’t going to cut it. Baldwin with a great catch to bail out the offense. Then Jackson fumbles. 49ers with another very very short field.

Also, is it just me or do the movies being advertised during this game look absolutely horrid?

Field Goal – Seattle 0 – 3 SF

Rookie corner Brandon Browner makes the play to hold the niners to a field goal attempt. Kid is big, 6-4, and strong. A smaller corner like Kelly Jennings might not make that play.

End of 1st – Niners knocking on the door, but it’s 3rd an 12. Early Thomas with a great play in the backfield. Judging by the Seattle Offense so far, the D better hold them to 3 points.

Jackson was 4/4 for 30 yards in the quarter. problem is 2 sacks and Lynch is 6 runs for just 7 yards. Neither of those 2 stats are going to be good enough for the seahawks to win this game.

1:21 1st – Seahawks simply can’t run the ball right now. The 49ers are committing 9 players to stop the run. Good play action on third down, but no one can get open. Ginn Jr. with a big return. This is why the field position is so important. seahawks started inside the 2, niners start at the seahawk 26. you’re not going to win games with a field position problem like this.

3:29 1st – This time the 49ers start with 2 passes and then a run for another 3 and out. Too bad the punt gets downed leaving the Seahawks a long field. Field position has been a problem early. Seahawks need the offense to sustain a drive and if nothing else, be able to pin the niners back for a change.

6:41 1st – Niners say Washington touched the ball as it bounces by. I have no idea if it did or not, but the replays could have have been more useless. Play stands. FB Robinson hurt. Seahawks have no other FB on the roster. Jackson sacked on 3rd and 7 to end another series. Pass protection looks better than expected, but still not all that good so far.

9:04 1st – Niners start with 3 runs and then have to pump. Curry with 2 tackles; that’s a good sign.

Opening Drive – 2 1-yard runs to start the drive leads to third and long. Poor pass protection leads to a failed conversion. The the 49ers happen and give us a free first down due to penalty. Drive finally stalls after a Seahawks penalty and a 49er sack. Jackson was 2/2 for 12 yards on the drive.

I’m hoping to be able to do game threads each week. Here’ll You’ll find commentary and my random thoughts. If you’re looking for a play by play account of the game, this isn’t going to be it.