Tim Tebow Makes Me Appreciate Pete Carroll


Unless you’ve somehow managed to somehow avoid TV news, sports radio and all of the internet except this website, then you’ve already heard that the Broncos have elevated third string QB Tim Tebow to starter due to massive pressure from the team’s fans.

If I cared at all about the Broncos (I don’t) I’d be pretty angry today. Tebow is not a good QB. He’s never going to be. The players on the Broncos think he’s the 3rd best QB on the team, and they’d be right. Playing Tebow means that the team isn’t doing everything it can to win football games.

The fact that the fans were able to dictate who starts at QB and not the head coach and general manager means the Broncos are an absolute joke of an organization. That QB change was made for all the wrong reasons. Hopefully people within the organization get fired for letting this happen. Even if their fans asked for this move to happen, they still deserve better.

The mess that is the Broncos makes me appreciate the Pete Carroll and John Schneider led Seahawks even more.
The Seahawks also had a backup QB who the fans seemed to really like and a struggling starter. The Seahawks fans were clamoring for a QB change (Heck, I even wrote an article to that effect.) And you know what happened?

Nothing. Nothing happened. And that’s exactly the way it should be. That’s not meant to say anything about Tarvaris Jackson or Charlie Whitehurst. It doesn’t matter what your views are of the Seahawks QB situation to appreciate the fact that the Coach and GM are going to make the decision based solely on what they believe is going to help this team win as many games as possible.

We wont always agree with their decisions. Some of them will drive us crazy because we disagree with them and simply don’t understand the reasoning behind them. That’s ok. It’ll give me more to write about. But at least we know that this team will never do something as stupid as starting Tim Tebow because the fans said so.