Seahawks Add Linebacker, Look At Adding Another


The Seahawks filled in Aaron Curry’s roster spot with rookie free agent Stephen Franklin. Franklin, a graduate of Southern Illinois University, was recently cut by the Bangles. The Seahawks said they originally saw and were interested in Franklin when they were scouting DT Jason Shirley, who was signed just before week 1.

At 5-11, 235 Franklin is a bit undersized compared to the other LBs the Seahawks worked out. Franklin profiles better as a weakside linebacker than the strongside LB that he’s replacing, and his 5.5 sacks his senior season at SIU supports this assessment. I expect David Voroba to backup KJ Wright on the strong side instead of Franklin.

The Seahawks also worked out 7 other LBs, including 3 that have spent time with the Green Bay Packers. I find it interesting that the Seahawks would look at so many LBs who have spent significant time in a 3-4 defense. Since we are so far into the season, and with the high likelihood that any LB on the team will play at some point in any game, it would make more sense that they would stick to players who had been in a defense similar to what the Seahawks run.

The Seahawks now have 6 linebackers on the roster, which is the minimum that they would take into a game. With Leroy Hill still slowed by a hamstring injury suffered against the Giants, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Seahawks add another LB before the end of the week.