John Moffitt Out For Year


The Seahawks announced today that John Moffitt will undergo surgery this week to repair damage to his PCL and MCL in the knee he injured on Sunday. Even though the news was expected, it doesn’t make it any less depressing. Moffitt, the team’s  rookie starting right guard, had made major strides and was a big reason for the rapidly improving performance of the offensive line.

An MCL/PCL injury is not as severe as an ACL injury, but the injury is serious. The injury will require surgery, and Moffitt will have to go through extensive rehab throughout the offseason. Normal recovery for this type of injury would mean that Moffitt should be able to fully participate in all activity by the start of next year’s training camp.

This information was released yesterday, but I waited to post anything on here about it in hopes that I could also post information about the other Seahawks injured in the game. Unfortunately, there’s been no significant new information provided.

We do know that Kam Chancellor, Doug Baldwin and Sydney Rice all suffered mild concussions. All 3 will have to pass certain tests and get cleared by the team’s doctors before returning to the field. Chancellor is expected to be cleared early in the week, Baldwin and Rice are expected to have to wait until Friday before they could return to practice.