Seattle Seahawks Crush Philadelphia Eagles 31-14


Great game by the Seahawks. The Gameplan was solid, the play was solid. The defense played great, and Money Lynch was… well… money! This game is what the Seahawks needed to get rid of the stench of the loss to DC.

It’s really hard to find faults with anything in this game. The game planning was good. The execution was good. This is the type of game that really gives me hope that the Seahawks will contend in 2012.

Here’s my post game notes:

  • Marshawn Lynch had a monster game. The Eagles bottled him up a bit in the 2nd half, but by then he’d already done enough damage that the Eagle offense could catch up. He finished with 22 carries for 148 yards and 2 TDs.
  • Golden Tate played well in relief of the injured Sydney Rice. 4 catches for 41 yards is his best game as a Seahawk if I’m not mistaken. 
  • I love the Seahawks gameplan, and how Tarvaris Jackson was limited to just 16 pass attempts. That’s how you keep your injured starting QB in the game for another week.
  • Speaking of TJack, he was 13 of 16 for 190 yards, 1 TD and no ints. That’s a good day at the office. Any time you can get 190 yards out of just 16 attempts, you’re doing something right.
  • 5 penalties for just 30 yards. Who are these Seahawks? it’s about time they showed some discipline.
  • The Seahawks had 4 picks. Hawthorne had the pick-6 that put the game away, Kam Chancellor had one, and Brandon Browner had 2!
  • Speaking of Browner, he had a great game. And I’m not talking about the picks. He only had one penalty in this game, and it was questionable at best. I know I’m hard on him, but I have to give him credit when he steps up. Play like this every week man, and I’ll be convinced.
  • On the negative side of things, a cheap shot by an Eagles player with about 1 minute to play may have cost the Seahawks another starter on the offensive line. Russell Okung has a pectoral injury that Pete Carroll says “doesn’t look good.”