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NFL Report Card – Seattle Seahawks: Week 13


I don’t have much to add in terms of commentary that I didn’t have in yesterday’s post-game recap. This was a great win by the Seahawks, so expect a lot of high grades to be given out this week.

Tarvaris Jackson: A-

Jackson did exactly what the Seahawks needed him to do, and that is manage the game. He only had 16 attempts, but turned that into 190 yards. He also didn’t have any turnovers. This is exactly what the Seahawks needed out of Jackson in this game. I only wish he’d stop taking sacks when no one is open. He really needs to throw the ball away occasionally.

Marshawn Lynch: A

Lynch continues to have a monster of a second half of the season. 140 yards, and 2 TD are great, but it’s also the way in which he got the yards that were impressive. One of my (very minor) complaints against Lynch in the past few weeks has been the lack of any “big plays.” He just never seemed to break the big one. Not this week. Sprinkle in a few explosive plays along with his power running style, and you have one impressive performance.

Offensive Line: A-

The 3 sacks given up were mostly on Jackson, but I still think it’s enough to keep them out of the A range. I love what they’ve been doing in the run game. Now we have to wait and see what happens with Okung, and how long he’s out.

Run Defense: B-

The Eagles had 132 yards rushing and a 5.3 yards per carry average. Neither of those stats is good. I am willing to give the defense credit for getting a couple of big stops in the running game when they had to have them.

Pass Defense: B

Giving up 198 yards passing to an offense that’s led by Vince Young and has a star WR in DeSean Jackson that wasn’t even trying , that’s not good at all. Add in the completely broken coverage that gave the Eagles their first TD, and this grade could have been much lower. If it wasn’t for the 4 interceptions, This unit’s grade would have been barely passing.

Special Teams: B-

Its hard to find fault with what the special team unit did in this game. The only problem is that is wasn’t, well, special. There were no big returns, no big plays by the coverage units, nothing. I guess I should be happier with this performance, but when you pay a player like Leon Washington a lot of cash to be a spark on special teams, I expect him to be a spark on special teams.

Coaching: A

The last few weeks I’ve put the team’s penalty problems squarely on the shoulders of the coaching staff, so this week I have to put the credit squarely on them as well. The Seahawks had just 30 yards in penalties, and at one by Brandon Browner was questionable at best. The coaches finally found a way to clean up that mess, and they deserve credit for doing so.

On top of that, the game plan was perfectly designed. They didn’t try and out-think themselves like last week when they played all that zone coverage against DC.