Seahawks beat Eagles in spite of being “relative bums!” ..."/> Seahawks beat Eagles in spite of being “relative bums!” ..."/>

From Section 333


Seahawks beat Eagles in spite of being “relative bums!”

In spite of the difficulties in getting to an early evening game on time, being in section 333 Thursday night was a fabulous fan experience!

It was great  to see Pete really commit to the running game and Marshawn Lynch showed what a dynamic runner he can be early on with his implausible escape from the scrum and scamper into the end zone! The energy and enthusiasm in our section was amazing, based in part that by the middle of the first quarter, pretty much all our neighbors had arrived!

I know a lot of local and national media have commented on the 4 turnovers the Eagles had, and that truly was an amazing aspect of the game! Witnessing the Heater trying to keep things in full gear for 70+ yards while Clemons guarded his rear was pretty exciting. Jumping up and down in the cold and pounding on my neighbors during the run was even better!

One of my other favorite plays was watching Mebane chase down a runner coming from behind. While the corners had dropped back in coverage, the ball carrier had some room. I’m telling you, that’s a big man to catch up to a running back and get a take down!

I could go on and on about Golden, who seems to finally be living up to his potential,  Baldwin who has been a stand out rookie and Tavaris who although he held on to the ball too long a few times, did a great job of completions and NO turnovers! But I also noticed things like Big Mike Williams’ blocking and our kicking for field position that were positive as well.

One of the things I like most about attending games are the fans. There are many dedicated, well informed fans in our section that I enjoy chatting with… even if we don’t always agree! I have a couple thoughts I want to share about that.

For the last few minutes of this game, we had an Eagles fan come sit behind us and start talking about how we’re horrific fans and we don’t support our Seahawks unconditionally and we leave too early and, and, and…. Then closed by saying “But don’t take it personally, don’t call the cops on me, I’m just sayin!” While all my neighbors were responding well, he was clearly looking for validation and didn’t cease and desist until Browner got another interception and then the Eagles dude left abruptly. This little blip stood out for me because I’ve seen fan criticism on Twitter and in other forums and it bothers me that as fans we’re not kinder to each other. The battle is after all on the field and not in the stands.

But, if there is a downside to attending a game, it’s walking out of the stadium after a great win and hearing a young mad loudly announcing that Marshawn Lynch is the only decent player on the team and all the other players are a bunch of dinks.

I don’t think he’s as familiar with the team as he thinks.

And neither is Adam Schein who used the term “relative clowns” to refer to the Seahawks in his post game coverage.