Seattle Seahawks Crush St. Louis Rams 30-13


Good teams win the games they are supposed to win. Keep that in mind. The Seahawks will likely end up just outside the playoffs this season, but they are still a good team. Tonight, they did what they are supposed to do; they overcame injuries and ran up the score on an inferior team.

The Seahawks have now won 4 of their last 5 games. That 2-6 record is a distant memory, and the Seahawks can get back to .500 with a win over the Bears next week. And with that, lets jump right into my game notes:

  • Marshawn Lynch had another monster game (no, I’m not getting tired of writing that.) 23 carries for 115 yards and a TD. He’s now gone over 100 in 5 straight games, and has a TD in 9 straight games. The Seahawks need to re-sign him, and soon.
  • Doug Baldwin had one of the best quarters you’ll see on special teams to start the game. He had a 37 kick return, he caught a punt at the 5 to pin the Rams back deep, and then he blocked a punt that was recovered for a touchdown.
  • Speaking of Baldwin, he had an outstanding game at receiver too. 7 catches for 93 yards and a TD. 
  • The offensive line was surprisingly solid in this game. McQuistan has some bad moments at LT, but overall the performance was better than expected.
  • Richard Sherman is a damn-good corner, but he completely lost his cool in the 4th quarter. Had it been against almost any other team, it would have cost the Seahawks. The rookie needs to realize that, there’s no need to open his mouth; his play does enough talking for him.
  • Brandon Browner had a great first 3 quarters, then got beat deep again (happens every game) and gave up a dump pass interference penalty on the goalline. Why does he have to be so inconsistent?
  • The Seahawks rush defense continues to be one of the best in the NFL. Steven Jackson averaged just 3.2 yards per attempt in this game.
  • Speaking of the defense, how about that goaline stand at the end of the game. It took the Rams 7 plays to get the ball in from the 1. Had it not been for 2 penalties, they easily would have had held the Rams to a FG. There’s just something about that kind of defensive performance that makes me happy.
  • Leroy Hill and Robert Gallery were both removed from the game late with apparent injuries. both would be devastating to lose at this point. Hopefully they are ok.