Seattle Seahawks Roster Analysis


If you haven’t seen it, check out This Post on the TNT’s Seahawks blog. I had been working on a similar post, but Eric Williams beat me too it, and I don’t see any reason for me to finish reinventing the wheel when it’s already there for everyone to see. Here’s an excerpt:

"Running backNumber kept last season: FourCurrently on roster: FourAverage number kept since 2008: 4.75Locks: Leon WashingtonLooking good: Marshawn Lynch, Michael RobinsonLonger odds: Justin Forsett, Tyrell Sutton, Vai TauaComment – Lynch is an unrestricted free agent and the Seahawks want him back, and likely will use the franchise tag to make sure he stays if they cannot get a contract done before the beginning of free agency. Robinson also is an unrestricted free agent and likely to return. Forsett is an unrestricted free agent and likely will not return. Washington is signed through 2014 and could serve as a third-down back if Forsett leaves in free agency. Sutton could fight for a spot on the roster as a versatile performer who could serve as a backup at tailback and fullback."

I don’t agree with all of his analysis for the whole roster, (especially his take on the Wide Receiver position) but overall it’s pretty good. I have a roster-tracker format that I’ve prepared, and I’ll be sure to post updates as deals happen.