5 Reasons For Seahawk Fans To Watch The Superbowl


My weekend of lists continues. This time, I’m offing up 5 things from the Superbowl that I think Seahawks fans might want to watch for, even though the Seahawks aren’t playing in the game.

1) The Commercials – Sure it’s cliche’. And most of the Superbowl commercials debut online the week before the game now (and a few debuts weeks ago on regular TV), but you still get the longest versions of some of the most creative ads in America all in one place.

2) The QB Play – The Seahawks need a QB upgrade. That is pretty clear. They’ve needed one for a couple years now. Watch the 2 QBs in this game as a demonstration of what the Seahawks need in order to get back to this game themselves.

3) The Giant’s Pass Rush – The Seahawks defense was amazingly stout despite have virtually no pass rush. If the Giant’s defense plays as it should, then they should be a perfect demonstration of just how much difference a good pass rush can make.

4) The Patriot’s Tight Ends – Even though Gronkowski is hurt and might not be his usual dominant self, the TE of the Pats will still provide a dimension to the passing game that has been lacking in Seattle for a couple years. Take a good look, because once the Seahawk offensive line improves to a point where the TEs aren’t being kept in to block all the time, the Seahawks TE should be creating the same type of matchup problems for opposing defenses.

5) The Presentation – It wasn’t that long ago that NFL games were filmed with just 4 to 7 cameras. Now most NFL games have 21-27 camera angles of the game. The Superbowl is reportedly going to have 53 cameras working at all times. The presentation of this game is likely what all NFL games will look like in 10-15 years, so enjoy the sneak preview.