NFL Combine Day 1 Recap


Perhaps the article headline is misleading. The truth is that there’s nothing to report. Day 1 of the combine is pointless from a fan’s point of view. There’s no 40 times, no strength tests, nothing. All that happens is that a  bunch of the players get to have their interviews with teams. While those are meetings are exceedingly valuable for the teams, they’re behind closed doors so there’s no information available for the fans.

Instead, we’re subjected to some of the dumbest interviews of the year with NFL coaches, and then even dumber analysis of said interviews. I mean seriously, if you’re a sports reporter and you ever find yourself writing a headline about whether or not a blow hard coach like Rex Ryan guaranteed a superbowl, consider finding a new job.

I would also like to add that no, in fact, it isn’t news that (insert any coach here) didn’t comment on Peyton Manning, or express interest in him. Manning is still on the Colt’s roster, meaning it’s illegal for any team other than the Colts to talk about him. If they did, then the Colts would simply file a tampering complaint, resulting in whatever coach was dumb enough to talk having to give the Colts some free draft picks.

Seriously reports, ask the stupid questions if you must, just stop pretending that the rest of us care.