NFL QB Market – The Outcome


This is an “ideal world” post. You know, that place that doesn’t exist where everything works out exactly as it should with no major surprises. This world doesn’t exist, but if it did this is how I think the QB market should fall this offseason.

Miami signed Matt Flynn. This deal makes the most sense. The new coach in Miami was Flynn’s offensive coordinator.

Washington DC signed David Garrard. This is just a really good fit. Garrard in Mike Shannahan’s offense is a really great match. Just look at what Shannahan was able to do with Jake Pumber.

Cleveland drafts Robert Griffin III. Griffin is the only NFL ready QB in this year’s draft that wont go #1 overall. Cleveland also has the best draft position to be able to move up and enough to get Griffin.

Seattle signs Peyton Manning. This will either exciting or infuriate just about every Seahawks fan. Signing Manning will be a polarizing move, but it will allow the Seahawks compete for a Super Bowl right now, while slowly developing a potential replacement over the next couple years.

Arizona signs Kyle Orton. The Cardinals need someone who can step in and lead that team in case Kevin Kolb never becomes what they thought he was when they signed him a year ago. I know Skelton showed from promise when filling in 2011, but Orton offers a degree of security that the Cards really need.

Denver Signs Chad Henne. Henne is capable of leading the Broncos if Tebow gets hurt. He’s also young enough that he offers the potential to be a long term solution once the Broncos finally admit that the Tim Tebow experiment is a mistake.

NY Jets sign Jason Campbell. The Jets aren’t ready to pull the plug Mark Sanchez just yet, but signing Campbell will hopefully light a fire under their QB and get him to take the next step forward.

KC Chiefs Draft Kirk Cousins. The Chief have one more year of Matt Cassell, so drafting a player like Cousins now will allow them to use 2012 as a transition year. Cousins isn’t ready to start right away, but should be ready by some point around mid-season.

The big loser in this scenario is Jacksonville. the Jags need an insurance policy in case Gabbart continues to struggle, but in this case they are unable to find one.