Training camp… you can hear the gidd..."/> Training camp… you can hear the gidd..."/> Training camp… you can hear the gidd..."/>

Return to Training Camp


Training camp… you can hear the giddy hearts of loyal football fans across the nation skip a collective beat at thought of their favorite teams coming together to prepare for another season. There’s endless speculation regarding team readiness, who’s getting the reps and which long-shot might actually make the team.

I’m just as excited as the next 12th man.

Last year was my first year to attend training camp. Although a season ticket holder, I was a training camp rookie with a Nikon who dreamed of seeing my favorite players from a distance.

As a celebration of reuniting fans with players following the strike, Hawks staff were picking fans out of the crowd to come on the field to watch the practice and meet the players. I was skeptical at first… until they lead us onto the field. That practice remains one of the best experiences of my life as football devotee.

Even though I know I won’t get that close to the action this year, I’m excited to return to the VMAC to have the full experience, to commune with my fellow 12th man, to experience the energy and excitement as the season approaches, to see for myself who really stands out. Last year it was Richard Sherman who caught my eye with his speed.

This year, I’ve got my eyes on Robert Turbin, Ricardo Lockette, and Russell Wilson. Turbin, because he may end up getting a lot of playing time. Ricardo, because I follow him on Twitter and I know how hard he worked in the off season to hone his skills. Wilson, because I hear that he doesn’t do well once the pocket collapses and I want to see for myself.

Stay tuned!