Madden 13: Top 10 RB Ratings Released


Last week, EA released the ratings for the QBs. This week, it’s the running backs turn in the spotlight.

While the QB top 10 was pretty well done and I had only 1 minor complaint, the WR rankings seems far from perfect. First and foremost is the complete lack of Marshawn Lynch. That makes very little sense. Especially with older players like Jackson, Gore and Turner in the top 10 when their best days are clearly behind them.

I’d also argue that Chris Johnson’s absence from the top 10 is a mistake. I know that he had an off year last season, but he held out of traiing camp and was playing in an all new offense. A guy doesn’t go from 2000+ yards to not being in the top 10 in RBs in just 1 year. I mean, Jamaal Charles didn’t even play last season and he’s still listed in the top 10.

10. Micheal Turner – RB/Atlanta Falcons 91 OVR

9. Jamaal Charles – RB/Kansas City Chiefs 91 OVR

8. Steven Jackson – RB/St Louis Rams 92 OVR

7. Frank Gore – RB/San Francisco 49ers 92 OVR

6. Matt Forte – RB/Chicago Bears 93 OVR

5. Ray Rice – RB/Baltimore Ravens 95 OVR

4. LeSean McCoy – RB/Philadelphia Eagles 95 OVR

3. Arian Foster – RB/Houston Texans 96 OVR

2. Adrian Peterson – RB/Minnesota Vikings 97 OVR

1. Maurice Jones-Drew – RB/Jacksonville Jaguars 97 OVR