Russell Wilson to start week 3


According to 710AM and ESPN Pete Carroll is set to announce Russell Wilson as the starter for week 3.

There have been plenty of reasons to believe Wilson should get a shot with the #1 Offense in a game, with his first two games being lopsidedly better than Matt Flynn’s.  The big question was whether he could do it against the a starting defense.  I’m obviously glad to see this.  My last post was one in support of letting Wilson start.  But that’s not why I’m happy today.  I think it shows Pete Carroll really was and remains serious about this being an “open competition”.  That supports his stated philosophy of “always compete”, and it will elevate the level of play by all the QB’s involved.  I don’t have a dog in this hunt, Wilson or Flynn.  I simply want to see the best man win a fair and hard fought competition.   Now I can go into the season not wondering “what Wilson would have done if he was given the chance”.

Russell Wilson is not Charlie Whitehurst.  He is a uniquely skilled and gifted athlete as well as a born leader.  If any rookie deserves a starting job this season other than Luck and RGIII, it’s Wilson.  If not for about an inch and a half, he would have been selected with them in the first 3 picks, and not necessarily third.  He’s proven that he can play with the big guys, even with his limited vision over the linemen.  He’s a play maker and a dynamo.  If he’s the eventual starter I pity the defenses playing against Wilson, Lynch, and our two tight end sets.  This could be the game changer we’ve been waiting for.