Know Your Enemy: Dallas Cowboys Q&A


It’s time to stop looking back at last week’s game, and begin getting ready for this week’s game against the Cowboys. To start things off, I tracked down the editor of Fansided’s Cowboys affiliate for a quick Q&A. Answering my questions this week is Steven Mullenex from The Landry Hat.

1) In week 1, the offense carried the day for the Cowboys and looked good, but the Defense struggled at times even though the Giant’s offensive line is in shambles. Is there any concern that this Cowboy defense wont be able to pull their weight this season? or is this just a one week aberration? 

SM: I think there are actually more questions about our weak offensive line then there are about the Rob Ryan defense. I think the Dallas defense accomplished every thing they wanted to against the Giants offense. They stopped their two top receivers,  Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz, from getting into the endzone. They also held the Giants rushing game to just 82 total yards. That’s success to me. Mind you this was accomplished without Pro Bowl DT Jay Ratliff, CB Mike Jenkins and with three new starters in the defensive backfield. The defense is definitely better then last years’ version and they should continue to rise.

2) Kevin Ogletree had a career day last week. Was that just a week 1 thing, or is this going to end up being a major breakout season for him?

SM: I tend to think this was more of a one time thing. Once teams start game planning for Ogletree, we should see more production going to the Cowboys’ regular starters. I’d also expect to see more looks for preseason receiver standouts Dwayne Harris and Cole Beasley.

3) Back in the offseason, you said this was a 9 win team. After a convincing win on the road against the Giants, have you changed your mind about the talent level on this team?

SM: No. In fact, I think this team’s talent level is exactly were I predicted it to be. This team is a mix of veteran players and a ton of young talent. The problem with young talent is that is unpredictable. But the veteran presence helps to even that out a bit. I still think they are a team capable of beating the world champions and losing to the worst team in the league. It’s more a question of experience and consistency than skill. And also the fact that every team gets “hyped” when they play the Cowboys, just because of who they are and the attention they get.

4) Are there any young players whom fans outside of Dallas might not know about that we should be watching for?

SM: As I mentioned before, I would be looking for some production from wideouts Cole Beasley and Dwayne Harris. Second year inside linebacker Bruce Carter is a name you should hear a lot about on Sunday. Jerry Jones believes he maybe the fastest linebacker in the NFL. And rookie fourth round pick LB Kyle Wilber will be making his professional debut on Sunday.

5) What’s your prediction for the game on Sunday?

SM: I know that some predictions are calling this game a potential blow-out, but I’m a little more cautious. The Seahawks play in one of the loudest stadiums in the league and that 12th man should be rocking on Sunday. I expect a better outing out of Russell Wilson at home and this is a team who shocked the Baltimore Ravens, the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants last season. Still, the Dallas revamped defense should be up to the challenge. Marshawn Lynch scorched us for 135 rushing yards in our last meeting. Yet, Dallas still won in Seattle behind 139 rushing yards from DeMarco Murray. I see a close game with the Cowboys winning in the end, 24-20.