Super Link: If NFL QBs Were Facebook Friends


Everyone once in a while I run into something that I have to share, and simply putting it on the hub isn’t enough. Well, Here is another instance. I shared this on twitter yesterday, but decided that the rest of you deserved a good laugh as well. You wont find any in-depth analysis or meaningful discussion here. Instead, it’s a fictional conversation among NFL QBs, that happens to happen on Facebook.

Warning: there is a lot of swearing, which is why I can’t even share a screenshot on this site. But if you aren’t offended by language you shoud check it out. It’s very funny!

Part 1 – Before week 5s games

Part 2 – After Week 5

It does center mostly around Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, but I promise that it isn’t annoyingly so. In fact, that’s part of the reason I enjoyed it. Everyone shows up to get their digs in and make fun of each other, plus you have other silliness like Matthew Stafford not understanding how Facebook and Twitter work. Like I said, it’s not anything groundbreaking, just complete silliness.

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson only gets a cameo in each of them, but his presence sends Aaron Rogers into a rage, which makes it incredibly fun.

Seriously, take a look. I think you’ll enjoy it.