Seattle Seahawks Playoff Chances Taking Shape


The Seahawks are the 6 seed as things stand right now. As long as they stay there or move up in the standings, they’ll make the playoffs. Ultimately, that’s all that matters.

Trying to keep track of all the multiple scenarios about each and every team’s possible win-loss record, all the tiebreakers, and trying to project outcomes is simply too complicated at this point to even bother with. I’ll break all that down in a couple weeks, but right now lets keep it simple:

The Seahawks have a 1 game on 4 teams, and much “hold them off” to make the playoffs. They are also 1 game behind the Bears, and 1.5 games behind the 49ers. Passing either team helps, obviously.

The 4 teams that are chasing the Seahawks are Washington, Dallas, Minnesota, and Tampa Bay. A Seahawks win on Sunday, paired with a loss by any of these teams will put that team 2 back with 3 to go. While it doesn’t mathematically eliminate them, the likelihood of any team overcoming that is just extremely unlikely.

The Bears, whom the Seahawks just beat and thus hold the tiebreaker over, is the team 1 game ahead of them. A Bears loss, along with a Seahawks win, moves Seattle into the 5 seed. That helps in the long run, but it actually doesn’t help the probability of a Seahawks playoff birth all that much.

Finally, we have the 49ers. They are just 1.5 games up on Seattle right now, but the two teams play in a couple weeks. If the Seahawks win that game, they will have a shot at getting past the 49ers and winning the division, but they’ll need additional help. The 49ers will have to lose at least 1 other game for the Seahawks to over take them.

That’s it. Like i said, we’re keeping it simple this week.

With all that in mind, here’s the results we’d like to se happen this week:

Bengals over Dallas

Bengals are fighting for a playoff spot of their own, so I like the chances of Dallas getting beat here. Plus, they just lost their NT to the entire DUI-manslaughter thing. The Bengals are also at home in this one.

Eagles over Tampa

Much less likely in this game. The Eagles are a bad team, and Tampa is at home. An upset would be nice, but don’t count on it.

Ravens over Redskins

The Skins are at home in this one, but it could be the best chance of getting them off the Seahawks backs this season. They have an easy schedule, so the Seahawks need the Ravens to pull this one out.

Dolphins over 49ers

SF is the better team. This game is in SF too, so don’t count on it happening.

Saints over Giants

I’ve included this one even though the Giants aren’t listed in the teams we’re watching above. But, if Washington catches the Seahawks, it helps greatly if they also catch the Giants and win that division. Thus, Seahawks fans want the Giants to lose this one. The Saints aren’t a good team, but they are capable of winning this game, even if it is on the road.

Bear vs Vikings

Take your pick in this one. If the Bears lose, the Seahawks take over the #5 seed. If the Vikings lose it eliminates them (for the most part) Both results help the Seahawks in some way. I don’t think the Vikings can keep pace, so I think I’d rather have them win and the Bears lose, but that’s open for debate. Either way it’s always good when the other teams involved have to play each other.