Updated NFC Playoff Picture


The playoff seedings became a lot clearer this past Sunday. They aren’t set yet, but it’s close. The Seahawks have officially clinched their spot in the playoffs. Exactly who they play and where remains to be seen. But i’ll get to that in the minute. First, lets look at all the possible seedings.

Teams are listed in order of probability for getting the playoff position.

1 Seed: Atlanta Falcons

2 Seed: Green Bay, San Francisco, Seattle

If Green Bay wins, they get the 2 seed the first round bye. If they lose, the 49ers are next in line, and get the 2 seed as long as they beat Arizona. Seattle can still take the #2 seed, but that only happens if the Seahawks top the Rams, and both the 49ers and Green Bay lose.

3 Seed: San Francisco, Green Bay, Seattle

The 3 seed belongs to the 49ers right now. A Packer loss combined with a 49er win would drop the Packer down into this spot. If the Packers win to take the 2 seed, but the 49ers lose, the Seahawks will take the #3 seed if they top the Rams.

4 Seed: Washington, Dallas

Teams could be listed in any order. They play week 17. Winner gets this spot, pretty simple.

5 Seed: Seattle, San Francisco

This spot is currently Seattle’s. Even if the Seahawks lose they’ll wont drop. If the Seahawks win, and the 49ers lose, those 2 teams will swap positions and the 49ers would end up here.

6 Seed: Minnesota, Chicago, Washington, Giants

The Vikings are in the drivers seat here. Win and they they’re in. If they lose to the Packers, the Bears are next in line. If both teams lose, Washington would take the spot if they lose to Dallas. The only way the Giants get in is if the wins and Dallas, Minnesota and Chicago all lose. If everyone loses, Minnesota gets in here.

So it looks most likely that the Seahawks will start the playoffs on the road against the NFC East winner.

If the Seahawks somehow steal the division away fromt he 49ers, then they’ll get a home playoff game. The most likely scenario is there would be a re-match with the Bears at the CLink.