Random Thoughts Before Seahawks vs Falcons Playoff Game


Just like last week, I have too many things on my mind to write about and not enough writing time. So instead of just picking only one topic, I’ve decided to list out a bunch of things that I’ve been thinking this week. Because, lets face it, who doesn’t like lists?

  • Getting Brandon Browner back last week to knock off some of the rust was great for this game. Browner is going to be asked to cover either Jones or White on just about every play. He’s going to need to be at his best. I think he can handle it this week. Last week it would have ended badly.
  • I just don’t see how this Falcon’s defense is going to stop Seattle’s offense. They are bad in the places where team’s need to be good to spot the Seahawks. The combination of Lynch inside and Wilson on the edge is going tobe very tough on the Falcons.
  • On the other hand if the Falcons jump out in front by enough early to force the Seahawks to a abandon the run, this game is likely to get ugly for the Seahawks. I don’t like Seattle’s receivers against that secondary if the Seahawks have to throw the ball 50 times in this game.
  • On defense, the Seahawks just need to do their thing: Avoid the big plays, get a turnover or two, and tackle. Because of Seattle’s secondary, Matt Ryan is likely to complete a ton of passes, but expect them to mostly be short 4 yard passes. Their scoring drives are likely to feel like “death by a thousand pin pricks.”
  • The problem with that kind of offense is that one incomplete pass or one run that stopped at the line and the drive ends. It’s very tough to score a lot of points that way.
  • Michael Turner has less tread on his tires than people realize. Rogers is the better back on the Falcons. He will present some serious challenges for the Seahawks, especially in the passing game.
  • I expect this game to be much higher scoring that the Seahawks are used to. I could easily see both teams breaking 30.
  • The Seahawks are the better team. The mathematics here is clear. But that doesn’t always matter in games like this. It comes down to which team simply makes plays.