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Super Bowl Prop Bets 2013: Bets For Everything!


Feb 1, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; A general view of the Vince Lombardi Trophy and helmets for the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers during a press conference in preparation for Super Bowl XLVII at the New Orleans Convention Center. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As crazy as Super Bowl Sunday can be, the prop bets are always crazier.

I took a look over at and I have to admit, some of these are pretty hilarious. Here are my favorites:

SUPER BOWL XLVII SPECIALS – Will Alicia Keys be booed during or after her rendition of the US National Anthem?
Yes 5/1

SUPER BOWL XLVII SPECIALS – What will be higher?
Randy Moss Receptions Super Bowl XLVII
How many times Jackie or Jack Harbaugh are shown on TV during Live Broadcast

SUPER BOWL XLVII SPECIALS – What Color will the Gatorade (or liquid) be that is dumped on the Head Coach of the Winning Super Bowl Team?
Yellow 7/4
Clear/Water 19/10
Orange 7/2
Red 13/2
Blue 7/1
Green 7/1

SUPER BOWL XLVII SPECIALS – Who will the Super Bowl MVP of the Game thank first?

Teammates 5/4 8/5
God 5/2
Coach 12/1
Family 12/1 15/1
Owner 15/1 20/1
Does Not Thank Anyone 9/4 3/2

Can’t bet on Kaepernick thanking his biceps unfortunately. That seems shortsighted by the book manager.

SUPER BOWL XLVII SPECIALS – How many times will “Harbaugh” be said during the game?
Over/Under 20 ½ 21 ½

I’m taking the over. WAY over. I’m thinking it’ll be in 80’s.

SUPER BOWL XLVII SPECIALS – Will Beyonce’s hair be Curly/Crimped OR Straight at the beginning of the Super Bowl Halftime show?
Straight -140 (5/7) -200
Curly/Crimped EVEN (1/1) +150

No option for shaved? what happened to Bald is Beautiful?