Richard Sherman And Darrelle Revis Twitter Argument


This topic just doesn’t want to go away. The “who is better?” debate between Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman and New York Jet Darrelle Revis has been getting louder and louder the past few weeks, and today the 2 players got involved  with a brief argument on twitter.

Updated at 3:43 pm. Another shot fired from Sherman. (Update is at the bottom)

Here’s what got things going:

A few minutes later, Sherman decided to respond:

Sorry for the different formats. Not all the tweets were showing up on my normal timeline so I had to pull them off my tweetdeck. (1st world software problems)

All of this stemmed from a Q&A Sherman did 4 hours prior. Sherman was sitting in an airport and asked if anyone had any questions. There were lots of questions, but none were all that interesting.

One fan asked Sherman about who the best CBs in the league were. His list didn’t include Revis, at least not at first. Here’s the entire exchange:

There’s nothing disrespectful there in my opinion, but Revis clearly took offense, and the spat began.

My favorite part was when Revis implied that Sherman wasn’t as good because he didn’t have as many twitter followers. Clearly that is a quality means of performance evaluation, right?

Ultimately, the winner of this argument was former Tacoma News Tribune beat writer, and current ESPN blogger, Mike Sando:

 UPDATE: Just when you thought this was all over, Richard Sherman decides to keep it going: