Seattle Seahawks Fans Weigh In On NFL Draft Prospects


I wanted to try something new this week. With the NFL draft on the mind of most NFL fans right now because of last week’s NFL Scouting Combine, I thought I’d get a feel for how Seahawk fans were feeling about some of the players.

The format was simple. Ask a pair of semi open-ended questions on twitter, see what responses came in, and post a few of the “best”* ones here.

*I have no criteria for “best” so don’t ask. This is all just for fun. 

What 1 player in this draft would excite you the most if the Seahawks took them? It doesn’t have to be a player that will be available when the Seahawks pick.

A lot of love for defensive linemen. Not that I blame anyone for that. A dominant defensive linemen would be a scary addition to those teams that have to play Seattle this year.

This was only a few of the responses. Tayvon Austin was the player who’s name came up the most, and WR was the most common position.

In fact, I was surprised at the number of WR responses.  I’m not sure if that is an indication of the quality of the WR class (which is very solid) or Seattle’s need at the position (which is strong) or a combination of the two.

What first round prospect would disappoint you the most if the Seahawks selected them?

I actually got about 10 for votes Te’o, by far the most for any player, and that one was my favorite. Somehow, when I read this it sync’d up with the batman theme song.

Dayna is the Seahawk’s rep for (yes, I am shamelessly plugging her site for no reason)

This one surprised me. I thought I was the only person who wasn’t sold on the Tayvon hype.

I really liked this response. It’s true that Pete and John have earned out trust and have picked very well (at least in terms of defensive players and a certain QB), so if they believe that a player is the right fit for this team, I’m willing to roll with it.

So, did you see your response? Do you have a name to add for either question? Are you mad at me because you responded on twitter and I stupidly chose not to include your answer? Let me know in the comments!