Richard Sherman Crushes Skip Bayless


Sometimes, awesome things just happen. Today Richard Sherman went on ESPN’s crapfest “First Take” and absolutely destroyed Skip Bayless. It was pure awesomeness.

The best place to watch the actual video that I’ve found is at Deadspin. They have an HD video that I can’t find elsewhere. You can find it HERE.

Missing from watching just this video is the context that Bayless talks crap about Sherman at every possible opportunity. It was nice to see Sherman go in there and take him to task for his horrible nonsense.

Sherman pulled no punches whatsoever. He clearly had no intent on participating in any sort of interview. It was very obvious that his presence on the show was entirely for the chance of getting to rip Bayless apart, and he did a masterful job of it.

Here’s my summary of the conversation without any actual quotes:

"Sherman: Shut up dude. Stop talking about me. I graduated from Stanford. I am an ALL-PRO NFL Corner. You’re just a side-show.Bayless: But, what about Revis?! Do you think you’re better?Sherman: I am an all-pro. I don’t care about Revis.Bayless: But… but, why not?!. You should because I think you should."

It’s pretty funny, but then Sherman really turns it on. Actual quotes include “I’m better at life than you,”  and “ignorant, pompous, and egotistical.”