Seahawks New Era Caps 2013 NFL Draft Collection


New Era Caps became the official headgear provider of the NFL just a year ago. I’ve always thought they made sweet looking hats, and their Seahawks caps from this past year are among my all time favorites.

Today, New Era gave an exclusive look at their latest 2013 NFL draft collection on their official Facebook page. You know those hats you see the just-drafted players put on after being drafted, that’s what I’m talking about. As you might expect, this year’s styles look amazing.

The NFL Draft Collection is set to hit shelves in April.

New Era’s draft collection features the 59Fifty fitted caps, 9Fifty snap backs and the 39Thirty flex fit caps.

All of the hats in the collection feature a multi-color scheme that highlights the team colors from around the league, as well as the logo placed front and center so there is no doubt about which team you are supporting.

My favorite of the three designs is the 59Fifty fitted caps (the picture on top and the bottom left). There’s just something about the monochromatic look that makes the logo and team name stand out. So if anyone is looking to buy me a present for no particular reason, that would be the one you want to buy me.

Here’s a few of my favorite designs besides the ones for the Seahawks. I’d never buy a non-Seahawks hat, but that doesn’t mean I can’t think the designs are cool looking.

And while we’re at here, here are the ones for our division rivals (feel free to boo if you’d like):