On The “Tim Tebow To The Seahawks” Rumor


The rumor mill can be a curious thing. Sometimes it generates some good ideas, but mostly it’s nothing more than unsubstantiated noise that originates from fans and not teams or media members. It’s pretty easy to ignore most of these rumors.

Enter Tim Tebow.

The 12th Man Rising facebook page is different from our actual website. Diane (my social media director) manages it and does an excellent job. There’s more memes, pics, and links to things outside of 12thMR than there is here. (You should check it out. Seriously.) This morning, she posted a link to an article about a rumor about Tebow and the Seahawks. The page kind of exploded.

Let me start off by saying this rumor has no legs. Whether you’re pro-Tebow or anti-Tebow, you can ignore the idea.

I had to bold that. Some people skim these articles, and if there’s 1 paragraph you’re going to read, it needs to be that one.

While the headline says the Seahawks have “interest,” there’s nothing in the text of the article other than connecting dots that doesn’t exist. There’s no quote, no source, and no substance. I’ve also been told the site is far from reputable, but I have no prior knowledge of the site, so I am unaware if that is true.

Besides, the Seahawks have signed Josh Portis and are reportedly close with Tyler Thigpen. They’ve also reportedly been in contact with Vince Young, but it doesn’t look like that is going anywhere at this time. There’s also the draft, where the Seahawks have interest in Matt Scott, among others. The backup QB void is already working itself out.

I also surveyed a couple well connected media members just to be sure, and the idea was met with laughter. So there’s that.

So now that we’ve got that out of the way, lets have a little fun with this. Here are some of my favorite quotes from the 600+ comments. All are presented without commentary. Some are funny. Some are awesome. Some are awesomely funny. You decided which is which.

“We have our QB and he wears #3”

“We need a Christian on the team”

“Tebow who?”

“Is there a UN-like button?”

“Safety…anyone? Bueller….Bueller…Tebow…Anyone?”

“Come on Pete, we know you like ‘unique skill sets,’ but SUCKING is not a skill this team needs”

“I’m all for this… But to try Tebow at Tight End ONLY. I think he would be a good TE.”

“I’ll be right back. Going out to the driveway to set my 3 sets of season tickets on fire.”

“Sorry Timmy, but Lassie is not in Seattle, so you will just have to keep looking somewhere else. We wish you the best”

“Are you sure this isn’t The Onion?”

“Tebow is not the circus, the Jets are. Butt fumble, right?”

“I have 100% confidence in coach Carroll and Pete Schneider’s decision making in player acquisition.”

“Do we now have to open two spots on the roster – one for Tebow and one for Jesus?”

“If they sign this talentless … and the endlessly distracting circus sideshow of idiots who follow him around I’m turning in my 12th man credentials because any team who is stupid enough to sign him doesn’t deserve me as a fan.”

“[He’s] Dan McGwire with a God complex. You’d do just as well to teach Okung how to play QB.”

And those were all just from the first 100 or so comments. Plus there’s the 50+ comments that looked something like “NNNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” that I had to tell Facebook that they weren’t spam.

Good times…