Antoine Winfield’s Contract Details – More Proof That John Scheinder Is Amazing


Sep 18, 2010; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers fullback Earnest Graham (34) is tackled by Minnesota Vikings cornerback Antoine Winfield (26) during the second quarter at the Metrodome. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

As expected, the details of Antoine Winfield’s contract were released yesterday. This is another great “get” by John Schneider this offseason. It’s tough to believe the talent that the Seahawks have been able to acquire on the cheep for the 2013 season.

The difference in guaranteed money here isn’t all that significant. As a fully vested veteran player, his entire salary becomes guaranteed if he’s on the roster for week 1. Unless Winfield comes into camp and looks completely awful, none of this matters. He’s going to get the same money either way.

The most important aspect here is that cap number: $3 million. He’s worth far more than that in terms of overall performance.

With all of those teams vying for Winfield’s services, I’m surprised the salary came in as low as it did. I know that Winfield is 35, but on a 1 year deal age doesn’t matter all that much. It is an almost certainty that Winfield will outperform that contract.

You have to remember that Winfield was the #1 performing cornerback last season according to Pro Football Focus. He wasn’t anywhere near the top in terms of coverage (where Richard Sherman was number 1), but he was still good in all aspects of the game. Winfield may be aging, but he’s still an elite player.

So here we have a potential bidding war for a top player, and it tops out at $3 million? That is an absolute victory for the Seahawks.

I’m not sure what to make of the “he came to Seattle to win a Super Bowl” theme that is dominating twitter right now. I thought along those lines when it was just between Seattle and Minnesota, but the other teams involved make that tougher to believe. The Patriots were closer to the Super Bowl in 2012 than the Seahawks were, at least in terms of playoff round.

Since he was deciding among 5 playoff teams, I find it hard to believe that one team was the obvious choice to try and win a Super Bowl. While my Seattle-centric homerism wants to believe that is true, I cannot logically connect those dots with any certainty.

But without evidence to the contrary, we might as well just buy into the hype. “Winfield picked Seattle because he believes they offered the best chance at a ring!” you heard it here