NFL Draft: Round 1 Drinking Game


Apr 26, 2012; New York, NY, USA; Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson (left) announces Iowa tackle Riley Reiff (not pictured) as the Lions 23rd overall selection as NFL commissioner Roger Goodell (right) looks on during the 2012 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL draft begins tonight! The Seahawks don’t have a pick, so I see no reason for any 12s who are watching the first round to remain sober if they don’t want to. So why not grab your favorite adult beverage and play along with the 12th Man Rising official draft drinking game?

The rules are simple. See the below notes on when to drink and how much. The game is designed with beer or wine in mind. If you’re drinking something stronger, adjust the amounts accordingly.

*please note that 12thMR does not endorse excessive drinking. Please drink responsibly.

Take a Sip

  • Kiper use the phases “value pick,” “reach,” “best available,” or “need pick.”
  • Someone mentions any of the following players:
    • Jamarcus Russell
    • Brett Farve
    • Alex Smith
    • Akili Smith
    • Robert Griffin
    • Andrew Luck
    • Mark Sanchez
    • Tim Tebow
  • Some uses one of the draft buzzwords:
    • upside
    • motor
    • raw
    • polished
    • project
    • tweener
    • explosive
    • first-step
    • intangibles
    • game speed
    • catch radius
    • production

Drink Once

  • Any time someone mentions Kiper’s hair
  • One commentator compliments another on their suit
  • Any time Aaron Rogers is mentioned in reference to players who are still in the Green Room
  • Kiper uses one the phrases: “signature win” or “signature game”
  • If Kiper or McSay interrupt interrupt someone.

Drink Twice

  • There is a trade of draft picks
  • The fans boo a draft pick
  • Someone suggests the Lions take a WR
  • Someone uses the phrase <find/finding> “the next Russell Wilson”
  • Anytime a player is picked whom the pundits claim has “character issues”

Finish It!

  • Any reports of NFL players being arrested
  • Kiper admits he was wrong about any of Pete Carroll’s drafts